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“English folk music for the 21st century.”

ian-king-webA great deal of excitement is building up around a superb new Fledg’ling release – PANIC GRASS & FEVER FEW – the debut album from IAN KING.

Unusually Ian King was the subject of a fRoots magazine cover story some eight months before the appearance of his imminent debut album, Ian King now finds himself on the verge of ubiquity. Born in Yorkshire, a dry-stone waller by trade and a punk by nature, King is “a big fan of folk music from around the globe, what they call world music”. He maintains: “I might not be from the traditional English school of folk but I sincerely believe that all traditional music shares a common ground. My objective is to create a sound with broad appeal beyond just folk”. On Panic Grass and Fever Few – incidentally the title comes from a phrase in John Hersey’s war retrospective Hiroshima where the author refers to the green shoots of herbs that swiftly emerged from the ashes of that catastrophic event (King thought it juxtaposed rather nicely with the gentler folk sensibilities of parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme) – King has done much more than that: he’s created a musical landscape uniquely suited to the multi-cultured ether that surrounds us.

Panic Grass & Fever Few was recorded with Adrian Sherwood and the legendary On-U Sound crew and is a major milestone in the continuing development of English folk-rock. The CD will be released on 24th January 2010. You may pre-order a signed copy now from the Fledg’ling online shop.

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As Fledg’ling comes to the end of our fifteenth year as an independent record label there is a good deal to celebrate. We’re very pleased to announce that after lengthy negotiations we are able to bring two folk-rock classics back to the catalogue. MORRIS ON FLED 3037 and The COMPLEAT DANCING MASTER FLED 3038 will be re-issued on January 18th 2010.


IAN KING ~ Panic Grass & Fever Few FLED 3082

fled-3082webA beautiful and remarkably assured debut album from Ian King, Panic Grass & Fever Few mixes English traditional song with a very contemporary sound palate. Working with the acclaimed On-U sound crew – Adrian Sherwood and Skip ‘Little Axe’ McDonald – has enabled King to bring a new and exciting perspective to the songs of Old England.

“It’s been quite a while since I felt this excited and impressed by a singer. Ian King has star-quality and a commanding stage-presence. He is a grown-up singer, straightforward and strong, and his band, which includes the incomparable Skip McDonald, surprises and intrigues with accompaniments that are elegant, witty, daring and powerful. This is English folk music for the 21st century!” Shirley Collins



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fled-3037webA tremendously powerful and important recording from 1972 – MORRIS ON led to a re-examination of the English Morris dance and an upsurge of interest that continues to this day. Lovingly remastered and packaged in a smart new digipac, the classic MORRIS ON makes a welcome return to the catalogue.

In 1972 three former members of Fairport Convention – Ashley Hutchings, Richard Thompson and Dave Mattacks – got together with accordion-maestro John Kirkpatrick and acclaimed folk fiddler Barry Dransfield to record this ground breaking album. The results were quite extraordinary and led to a re-examination of the Morris tradition and the formation of many new dance sides. Thirty seven years later, leader Ashley Hutchings continues to tour with his popular Morris On band.


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ASHLEY HUTCHINGS, JOHN KIRKPATRICK & chums ~ The Compleat Dancing Master FLED 3038

fled-3038webBack in print – a tremendously entertaining and ambitious compendium of English traditional dance music played by some of England’s finest folk-rock musicians.

Following the extraordinarily successful ‘Morris On’, Ashley Hutchings and John Kirkpatrick returned to the studio to record this ambitious collection – presenting a complete history of English traditional dance music played with brio and power, interspersed with leading actors reading from Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy and William Shakespeare. Amongst the featured musicians are Simon Nicol, Phil Pickett, Sue Harris, Peter Knight, Ray Warleigh and Roger Swallow. One of the very finest folk-rock records from the early 1970s’ golden age.


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