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The mighty HOME SERVICE reconvene

The first reviews are beginning to appear, both the band and label are heartened and humbled to receive so many five stars:

★★★★★ Financial Times ★★★★★ R2    ★★★★★ Maverick

This incandescent, incendiary, and absolutely magnificent performance
is a totally essential purchase: no argument.
David Kidman, Net Rhythms

Expect this to be in the ‘Best of 2011’ and make no mistake.
Make it the soundtrack of your summer y’hear.
Simon Jones, fRoots

Warning: this report may contain added hyperbole.

Briefly during the 1980s the finest rock’n’folk ensemble in the known universe were the mighty HOME SERVICE. All those who attended their performances fondly remember the power and the glory of this majestic band in full flight. Recently some previously unheard live recordings made by their former sound engineer on a couple of cassette tapes came to light. The tapes have languished in the back of his wardrobe for the last 25 years. These recordings, made at the Cambridge Folk Festival in 1986, exhibit a power and commitment that was never fully captured in the studio, so a live album release immediately became inevitable.

The resulting CD – LIVE 1986 – (FLED 3085) will be released on Monday July 4th.
“A magnificent incendiary performance.”

CD track list = 100% classic Home Service repertoire:
01   Alright Jack
02   Walk My Way 4.27
03   Battle Pavanne / Peat Bog Soldiers 5.50
04   Galliard / Bramsley 3.43
05   Snow Falls 3.36
06   Dublin Bay 1.53
07   My Bonny Boy / Scarecrow 6.01
08   The Brisk Young Sailor 1.30
09   Rose Of Allendale 5.42
10   The Lost Lady Found 2.10
11   Lewk Up 4.07
12   Sorrow / Babylon 8.25

Alright Jack : HOME SERVICE by Fledg’ling Records

SHIRLEY & DOLLY COLLINS ~ For As Many as Will FLED 3019

A reissue on CD for SHIRLEY & DOLLY COLLINS’ For As Many As Will first released in 1978. The album contains some of the sisters’ finest recorded work together –
uniting Dolly Collins fine arranging skills with the haunting beauty of Shirley’s voice.

The Collins sisters were brought up on the Sussex coast with a strong love and understanding for English traditional song. Through a remarkable series of landmark recordings during the 1960s and ’70s they helped define the possibilities of the English folksong revival. ‘For As Many As Will’, their classic final recording includes a stunning reading of Richard Thompson’s ‘Never Again’, alongside fine traditional material like ‘Lord Allenwater’, ‘Gilderoy’, ‘The Moon Shines Bright’ and a medley from John Gay’s ‘The Beggar’s Opera’.



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