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SNAKEFARM ~ My Halo At Half-Light FLED 3086

Few albums are quite so urgently anticipated as the second record from the mesmeric Snakefarm. After ten years, they are back and My Halo At Half-Light reconfirms all the promise of their Songs From My Funeral debut.

As a solo artist, Anna Domino released four remarkable albums and two EP’s for the Belgian label Les Disques du Crepuscule, between 1984 and 1990. Those recordings are often cited as major influences on the British trip-hop movement centred around Massive Attack and Portishead. Yet, the glorious New York summer afternoon that SNAKEFARM crept into her consciousness, Domino knew she’d found a whole new musical window to leap through – “I was waiting for the light”, and said “We should take a bunch of those great old songs about murder and such, and start doing them with modern arrangements.” The idea refused to sit still, and as soon as she returned home, Domino and Delory set to work on the experiment. “Just to see what would happen.” Though subtle percussion and loops had distinguished her earlier recording, in Snakefarm Anna wanted the beats to be more prominent, yielding percolating arrangements that could carry the narrative content of the words. It worked. “It was so much fun,” confesses the singer, “the arrangements almost wrote themselves. What surprised me was how it didn’t take any forcing at all.”



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JASON McNIFF ~ April Cruel FLED 3087

Fledg’ling Records are very proud to present April Cruel the new album from acclaimed singer-songwriter JASON McNIFF. This long-awaited collection sees Jason delivering on the promise of his highly regarded previous albums. Jason has a restless, enigmatic character; he is by nature a troubadour, a brilliant guitarist and one of the finest songwriters that we have in this country. He resolutely follows the path his guitar takes him. Students of love, seekers after truth, old soldiers and the musically adventurous should all find solace in this heartfelt collection.

‘One of the UK’s best kept secrets.’★★★★ Phil Alexander, MOJO

‘In my humble opinion it is high time to help Jason McNiff to get rid of the reputation of Britain’s best kept singer-songwriter secret. This man is so unbelievably good that ignoring him would be a crime.’★★★★★ Alt Country

‘A troubadour and one of the best songwriters we have in this country.’


Same Old Man : JASON McNIFF by Fledg’ling Records

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