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The YOUNG TRADITION : Oberlin 1968

Fledg’ling will release a previously unheard live recording of the mighty YOUNG TRADITION – Oberlin 1968 – on 30th September.

The live reputation of the mighty Young Tradition lives long in the memories of all who heard them during their brief career. Live recordings were thought not to exist until, 45 years later, an American fan remembered the reel-to-reel recording he’d made at Oberlin College on 17th November 1968. Carefully restored, these tapes are now about to be released by Fledg’ling Records on CD and DL.

The Young Tradition were formed on 18 April 1965 by Peter Bellamy, Royston Wood and Heather Wood – with a repertoire from the British folk tradition, style from Carnaby Street and lashings of attitude they soon firmly established themselves on the folk scene. Recording for Transatlantic records and international tours soon followed. Record companies will always make extravagant claims for their releases, but Oberlin 1968 really is a rare and truly wonderful historical release.

“Best performance of the evening came from the Young Tradition, singing in superb harmony in pop-art clothes.” The Guardian 1968

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The JOHN KIRKPATRICK BAND ~ The Complete John Kirkpatrick Band FLED 3091

A timely re-issue of two fabulous folk-rock albums from the JOHN KIRKPATRICK Band.

Fronted by England’s finest accordion maestro the band included GRAEME TAYLOR (guitars), MICHAEL GREGORY (percussion), DAVE BERRY (bass) and PAUL BURGESS (fiddle and recorders). Together they recorded some of the most powerful folk-rock of the late 20th century.  FORCE OF HABIT was originally released in 1996 and WELCOME TO HELL a year later. The COMPLETE JOHN KIRKPATRICK Band brings together both albums and a rare live recording from Cambridge Folk Festival in one discrete slim-line 2CD digipac with new sleevenotes and all elements of the original artwork.

‘Fans of traditional British dance music will get a huge kick out of this album.’  MOJO


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: The Complete John Kirkpatrick Band PDF

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