Bee’s Wax

Terry Reid ~ The River

Artist: Terry Reid
Title: River
Originally released on LP in 1973: Atlantic SD 7259
Reissued on CD in 2002: Water 107

The touch-paper for this unique album was the meeting between Terry Reid and David Lindley at the second Sky River Rock Festival held in Tenino, Washington State, USA at the end of August 1969.

When Lindley’s band, Kaleidoscope, disbanded David wrote to Terry in the UK saying he was the guitar player that Reid needed. Terry told him to come on over, so he dropped everything and moved to England. They lived in Terry’s country cottage in Brampton near Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire not far from Holywell where Reid was born. Material was worked up and they played a number of gigs at different venues around the UK. Terry took a lot of his vocal phrasings from Aretha Franklin and in turn Lindley took many of his guitar phrasings from Reid’s vocals. The line up went through various musicians before settling down to Lee Miles on bass (from the Ike & Tina Turner Review) and Alan White on drums.

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John Kirkpatrick & Chris Parkinson ~ The Sultans Of Squeeze

Title: The Sultans of Squeeze
Artist: John Kirkpatrick & Chris Parkinson
Label: Fledg’ling Records
Recorded & Mixed by: Oliver Knight
Released: 2005

This is so damn enjoyable. I listen to everything from Afghanistan finger cymbals to the feedback from Hendrix’s Stratocaster – anything played with emotion, spirit and soul. There are, however, not many albums of new work in 2005 that I come across which take up permanent rotation in the CD players in the home, car, etc.

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