The JOHN KIRKPATRICK BAND ~ The Complete John Kirkpatrick Band FLED 3091

A timely re-issue of two fabulous folk-rock albums from the JOHN KIRKPATRICK Band.

Fronted by England’s finest accordion maestro the band included GRAEME TAYLOR (guitars), MICHAEL GREGORY (percussion), DAVE BERRY (bass) and PAUL BURGESS (fiddle and recorders). Together they recorded some of the most powerful folk-rock of the late 20th century.  FORCE OF HABIT was originally released in 1996 and WELCOME TO HELL a year later. The COMPLETE JOHN KIRKPATRICK Band brings together both albums and a rare live recording from Cambridge Folk Festival in one discrete slim-line 2CD digipac with new sleevenotes and all elements of the original artwork.

‘Fans of traditional British dance music will get a huge kick out of this album.’  MOJO


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JOHN KIRKPATRICK ~ Every Mortal Place FLED 3089

Every Mortal Place the new album from the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards Musician of the Year 2010 John Kirkpatrick, is an absolutely extraordinary new solo recording from the English “Squeezebox” King concentrating on a traditional repertoire from Shropshire.

As John says: “Having lived in Shropshire for thirty-nine years, and having always included a certain amount of musical material from the county given half a chance, I am proud to announce that I have now completed a whole CD of Shropshire music for Fledg’ling Records.”

The CD is sung and played by John, with Sally Kirkpatrick adding chorus and harmony vocals on five songs. The rather attractive digipac includes full notes giving background to all the tracks and an introduction by no less a personage than Shirley Collins, President of The English Folk Dance & Song Society.

 “I know of no-one who can match his stage-presence, or come near him for integrity, authenticity, variety, humour and glorious breath-taking bravura in performance… The breadth of his repertoire is quite astounding, pervaded by a great sense of humanity, a true and very fine representation of the common people that most of the songs and music came from. John Kirkpatrick will, for me, always be English music’s ‘Mighty Heart of Oak’.”  Shirley Collins



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JOHN KIRKPATRICK ~ God Speed The Plough FLED 3084

In the popular BBC television series “Victorian Farm” first shown in 2008, JOHN KIRKPATRICK was the fellow who popped up now and again contributing appropriate traditional songs, tunes, dances, and snippets about old customs and folklore. His new album GOD SPEED THE PLOUGH presents a programme of songs which take us through a year in the countryside: “The Victorian Farmer’s Year In Song – songs about farmers, and songs sung by farmers; songs about the work on the farm, and songs to make that work easier; songs celebrating particular days in the country calendar, and songs celebrating the daily miracle of life, death, and renewal. And the world we are shown here is not a romantic pastoral idyll viewed through rose-tinted spectacles – this is a world full of sweat and muck, a world with dirt under the finger nails, a world full of snorting, and grunting, and heaving.”

Squeezebox maestro JOHN KIRKPATRICK is one of the giants of the British folk scene and the BBC Radio 2 Folk Musician of 2010.



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JOHN KIRKPATRICK: Brass Monkey History

The original line-up of Brass Monkey united Martin Carthy and John Kirkpatrick, two stalwarts of the folk scene, Howard Evans and Roger Williams, the Home Service brass and sought after classical and theatre brass players with country dance percussionist Martin Brinsford.

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JOHN KIRKPATRICK – A Complete (?) Discography

jk-head.jpgThis discography attempts to list the original release of all the recordings which feature JOHN KIRKPATRICK. All catalogue numbers refer to UK releases unless otherwise noted. Subsequent reissues are only included if they include additional material. Please write if you spot any errors or omissions. Thanks.

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JOHN KIRKPATRICK – Squeezebox Times

John Kirkpatrick has been one of the most well-known and popular performers on the British folk scene for the past twenty-five years. He is widely regarded as Britain’s leading exponent of ‘squeezebox’ instruments. His remarkable skill with accordion, concertina and melodeon has taken him from the Hammersmith Morris Men to experimental rock music and a series of international recording collaborations. Throughout this period Kirkpatrick has continued to perform regularly in folk clubs as well as being a member of Steeleye Span, Brass Monkey and the Richard Thompson Band.

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