ROBERT WYATT ~ A Complete (?) Discography

This discography attempts to list the original release of all the recordings that feature ROBERT WYATT. All catalogue numbers refer to UK releases unless otherwise noted. Subsequent reissues are only included if they contain additional material. Please write if you spot any errors or omissions. Thanks.

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A short interview with ROBERT WYATT about the making of `Shleep’


My real feeling of lack of freedom… comes from the fact that I have to be anything at all, specific…. I get nearer and nearer towards happiness, or a feeling of being relaxed and free when I can lose myself in my environment… I mean I get lost in listening to other people’s music… or just… hanging round Notting Hill Carnival, forget who you are…that’s one of the pleasures of it.. but… in a simple way, if you get in a warm bath, where the temperature of your own blood matches that of the water round you, you sort of get that lovely feeling, of just sort of melting into the world… and that’s really what I aspire towards – in the sense that it’s the opposite …. of those notions of artists…finding their own individualism, and kind of standing against the world, To me, that’s the ultimate nightmare. I want to get lost and diffused in the world, and that’s my idea of freedom and happiness.

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