SANDY DENNY: A Complete (?) Discography

sd-1967.jpgThis discography attempts to list the original release of all the recordings that feature SANDY DENNY. All catalogue numbers refer to UK releases unless otherwise noted. Subsequent reissues are only included if they contain additional material. Please write if you spot any errors or omissions. Thanks.

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SANDY DENNY ~ A Boxful of Treasures: Background

“We don’t hear Sandy Denny on the radio these days. Her records, few that they are, don’t fit the current formats, don’t send the programmers into paroxysms, don’t have listeners voting in. She couldn’t be considered for sixties, seventies hit nostalgia; she never had hits. Rock album stations? Never sold enough albums. Even Nick Drake sneaks into the odd Easy Listening show, the music lulling and decieving, with its attractive surfaces hiding the pain within, something romantic for a cult to cling to. But where is Sandy’s cult?

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