IAN KING ~ Panic Grass & Fever Few vinyl LP

fled-3082webA beautiful and remarkably assured debut album from Ian King, Panic Grass & Fever Few mixes English traditional song with a very contemporary sound palate. Working with the acclaimed On-U sound crew – Adrian Sherwood and Skip ‘Little Axe’ McDonald – has enabled King to bring a new and exciting perspective to the songs of Old England.

“It’s been quite a while since I felt this excited and impressed by a singer. Ian King has star-quality and a commanding stage-presence. He is a grown-up singer, straightforward and strong, and his band, which includes the incomparable Skip McDonald, surprises and intrigues with accompaniments that are elegant, witty, daring and powerful. This is English folk music for the 21st century!” Shirley Collins

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Fledg’ling May 2015 Bundle

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to celebrate the first 21 years of Fledg’ling Records
FOUR classic folk-rock CDs for just £21.00

SHIRLEY COLLINS ~ Adieu To Old England FLED 3023
Another classic Shirley Collins recording, this time from 1974 and long out of print. Beautiful interpretations of Southern English songs and toasts with some fine arrangements by her sister – Dolly Collins. Contributing musicians include Dolly Collins, Simon Nicol, Terry Potter, Ian Holder, Geoff Singleton and John Watcham.
track list: 1 Mistress’s Health : Lumps Of Plum Pudding, 2 Down By The Seaside, 3 Chiner’s Song, 4 Adieu To Old England, 5 Ashen Faggot Wassail,
6 I Sing Of A Maiden That Is Makeless, 7 The Banks Of The Mossom, 8 The Ram Of Derbish Town, 9 Portsmouth, 10 Horkstow Grange, 11 Come All You Little Streamers, 12 Spaniards Cry : Sherborne Jig, 13 One Night As I Lay On My Bed, 14 The Death Of Nelson, 15 Coronation Jig

First released in 1969, Hat has not previously appeared on compact disc. The album is a rounded portrait of Davy Graham’s remarkable style – drawing together Willie Dixon, Charles Mingus, The Beatles, Henry Purcell and Indian raga on one splendid record. Fledg’ling have carefully remastered this album from the original master tapes, added new sleeve-notes and previously unpublished photographs.
“All of us guitarists – Bert Jansch, John Renbourn, Jimmy Page, myself – owe it all to this wonderful musician. Davy never runs out of ideas, and there has not been anyone who has come close.” Ralph McTell
track list: 1 Getting Better, 2 Lotus Blossom, 3 I’m Ready, 4 Buhaina Chant, 5 Homeward Bound, 6 Love Is Pleasing, 7 Hornpipe For Harpsichord Played Upon Guitar, 8 Down Along The Cove, 9 Hoochie Coochie Man, 10 Stan’s Guitar, 11 Pretty Polly, 12 Bulgarian Dance, 13 I Am A Rock, 14 Oliver

First released in 1967, Watch The Stars is a remarkable long-lost gem from the mid-‘sixties British folk revival. A beautiful collection of folk, blues and haikus, the album melds a folk-boom topicality with a fine “beat” sensibility; uniting the Afro-American West Coast with suburban London. Long out-of-print, the record is an early milestone in the careers of Dorris Henderson and John Renbourn. Contains two songs written by Anne Briggs and an early cover of Arthur Lee’s Message To Pretty.
track list: 1 When You Hear Them Cuckoos Hollerin’, 2 It’s Been A Long Time, 3 30 Days In Jail, 4 No More My Lord, 5 Watch The Stars, 6 There’s Anger In This Land, 7 Mosaic Patterns, 8 Tomorrow Is A Long Time, 9 For Lovin’ Me, 10 Come Up Horsey, 11 God Bless The Child, 12 The Time Has Come, 13 Poems Of Solitude: Poems of my heart / Eighteen tedious ways / Magic string, 14 Lonely Mood, 15 Gonna Tell My Lord, 16 Message To Pretty

ROBIN WILLIAMSON & His Merry Band ~ Journey’s Edge FLED 3071
In 1975 as the Incredible String Band dissolved Robin Williamson relocated to Los Angeles. He soon began work recording a tremendous body of new songs and a backlog of material that didn’t fit the repertoire of the late period String Band. These songs hark back to the glory days of the Incredibles; based around the majestic acoustic ensemble playing of the Merry Band, this long out-of-print album is a highlight of Williamson’s career.
The album marked the beginning of a very creative period for Robin – leading the Merry Band, beginning his interest in the Celtic harp and ancient bardic poetry. Journey’s Edge was released in 1976 on the Flying Fish label in the USA. This deluxe Fledg’ling edition will see the album’s first official European release. With TEN splendid previously unreleased bonus tracks.
track list: 1 Border Tango, 2 The Tune I Hear So Well, 3 Red Eye Blues, 4 Tomorrow, 5 Mythic Times, 6 Lullaby For A Rainy Day, 7 Rap City Rhapsody, 8 The Maharajah Of Mogador, 9 The Bells, 10 Voices Of The Barbary Coast, 11 Out On The Water, plus 12 When Winter Comes, 13 Old Entertainer, 14 The Kid I Never Knew, 15 Dark Lady Of The Water, 16 To Give My Heart To You, 17 Be My Friend, 18 Precious Blues And Greys, 19 Bleeding Again, 20 To Give My Heart To You, 21 After The Ball